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Tefa initiation is forbidden for women in Ode Remo because it’s a very big taboo to the Ode Remo tradition. Women are entitled to have Ifa or one hands but not going to igbodu for Ifa intiation. Women can give giving SODE (i.e. spiritually process giving to women as her initiation). And women can also get initiation into any Orisa as directed by ifa.

Many people don’t knows the different between igbo Ifa and igbodu.

Igbo Ifa is an house of Ifa or temple of Ifa.
Igbo odu is a sacred groove where one problem will be solve.

There are many reason why people being ask to got to igbodu for ifa initiation some are :

For wealthy
For strong healthy and long life
For children
To move away death, sickness and all bad things.

All this has significant role in Ifa tradition and they are all present in the Ifa tradition. Igbodu is a sacred groove where any woman must not enter either seeing or without seeing Odu. There are many Odu verse (ese Ifa) that speaks about this some of them are, Eji Orangun (Ofun meji), Ogbotumopon (Ogbe Otunpon) to mention a few.

Tori ologeri ko baa sun
Awo in man ba won tun se
Ibi geregere in ogbara n yo
Adifa fun Orunmila nigbati baba nlo gbe odu niyawo

If the head of simple person is not good
It is an Awo that make it good
An erosion follows the sloppy area

These was divine for Orunmila when he was going to get married to Odu, they ask him to make ebo so that he can married her. The Awo has told Orunmila how powerful Odu was and ask him to make ebo and he should follows all her taboo, if he can do so, then he will marry her Odu was the the sirt female in the earth. One day Orunmila went to the market place and meet this beautiful woman, he approach her, but she told him that he can not marry him, Orunmila ask him why,  she says:

She is a very special person hat nobody must be seeing her
She did not like staying with woman like her because they will offend her.
She said she doesn’t stray in any open area etc
She need a separate room.

And she ask Orunmila if she can abide with all this rule, Orunmila says yes.
He ask her where to see her again, Odu told Orunmila that they should meet at the middle of earth and heaven. They meet each other, because of the ebo make by Orunmila Odu accepted to marry him, but ask Orunmila that can you give me a separate room, Orunmila says yes, then she ask him, did you knows what to use to house me, Orunmila says no, she told him to get calabash, white cloth, traditional bag called (OKE) etc.

Orunmila do it as she wish, he bring Odu back to his house to marry as wife.
All Orunmila friends wish to see his newly wife, they all come to greet her, but it’s a taboo for Odu. As they get back home they wall fall sick and many of them die. Orunmila ask his wife, what can we do to save all my people. Odu told Orunmila will what they need to do and bring the male one to come and prostrate in her front, they will be healed. The male one did as said by Odu and they got healing Orunmila says what about the females. One Odu said the female one must never see me, if anyone does she not have children in her life and make a course on them, but told Orunmila to prepared Sode and Ifa correction (medicine) for them, that they will get healings. Since that day its forbidden for women to see odu or to go to the igbodu (groove).

If a woman is looking for children, from all the Ifa verse they will ask them to make ebo, initiation to any Orisa or doing some Ifa work for them, Ifa did not says they should get Tefa initiation.

Let take look at one Odu from IRETE TUTU (OTURUPON)

Adan lawo imusaaro
O n be lawo imoye bo
Alapandede in bimo ti e nitrua
Adifa fun omo lagan
Eyiti nsomo won ni saabe opaara
Ekun omo lon sun.

It divine for Omolagan when she was barren and looking for good children. They ask her to make ebo, they did not ask her to get Tefa initiation before she can bear children. Omolagan did all the ebo, they ask her to do and she has children. Another verse from OKANRAN ADASENU

Bisee bin se won
Erin in won fun rin
Otosi o fe n kan min
Bi kaji, ka maa rin ara wa
Adifa fun osun ogelengese
Eyi ti n re gbo iragbiyi
Ti nlo ree rawo, rase nitori omo

She as Ifa, if she will have children in life, Ifa say yes. That she should make ebo and go through Osun initiation. She make the ebo (sacrifice). Life pleased her, she has good children, she started to dance and rejoice.

In this verse they did not ask Osun to go to igbodu but she should go through Osun intiation. Then why are we misinterpreted all the Ifa verse and instruction because we want to eat or because of money remember what the Ifa says from the following Odu.

Aja gbo gboo gbo

Aja deran asinwi

Ofafa gbo gboo gbo
Ofafa deran ijiwere

Agboyin ti n be ninu igboro gobo gbo gboo

O wo igbo irahin lo

Adifa fun ope segi segi

Eyiti nse baale asooto

Obi kin fun alara

Ikin naa ni gbogbo ayen sin
Obi o duso fun ajero

O ro ajero lorin

Obi erinwo osun fun ajala

Aye ye ajala

Divine for Ope tree, the fathe rf the truth Ope always tells the truth

She started to thave children

She had ikin for alara

She had oduso for ajro

She also had eriwo osin fun ajala

Till tomorrow Ope would  never tell lies. My people why do we abandon honesty because of money remember that money will finish but it would remain truth. Lies will die honesty will survived. Another verse from OKANRASODE says that:

Eke loni remo
Ika lomi
Eja ka fi ka sile, ka lo mu otito se
Adifa fun olotun asee ra
Abu fun olotun aseke
Abu fun olotun aso dodo
Eje ka fika sile
Ka lo mu otito se

Let abandon lies, ifa is a provider, he will provide what you will eat, don’t lies or abandon truth because of money.  There is not verse that support making Tefa for woman, women can only have Ifa or one hand or initiation to Orisa or making Sode but not going to the sacred grove for Ifa initiation. If you see anyone that does that, she will stop menstruating, she will not have children in life, her life may hot be good for women to be making dafa with ikin, she entitled to use opele, erindinlogun, agbigba, obi etc.

If she sodes she will never menstruate again in life and she will not have children in life. Women has a significant role to play in Ifa as an Apetebi and as a danphter of ifa and as Iyalorisa but not as going to the Igbo Odu (the sacred groove). From the oriki of Orunmila it shows to us that the initiation is not for women.

Orunmila ajana

Eleri ipin
Iku dudu atewo
Oro ajepo mapon
Atori enit ko sun won se
Odudu ti n du ori elemere ki o maa bafo
Ato ba jaiye majaiya lolo
Ope igi irada
Ato o je, atoo ta, orisa okunrin

Baba aginrin nile ogbon
Asa ni ju oko irio
Gege riru oba ijamo
Baba akere fun sogbon etc.

Let take another look at this

Kasa kaba

Karin kaba

Kafi akabatise, kafi lo ka eyin orofo

Orofo yin eyin tie sabe owu

Ogbe lo sori igi tiyen rere
Oni koun, koun ma se omo mi

Adifa fun eni okunrin ogidigbi

Eyiti ifa ni ba ja, to n sa hi gi

Eyiti ton sa lu ope

Nje ifa ma pami, egbe niki ogbe mi

Egbe ni ki ogbemi, ifa ma pami

Ifa ni ki o so oun ki

Ki o ma ba seepe so ara re

Ifa loun okitipi orisa okunrin

This verse divine for eni okunrin ogidigbi when Ifa was trouble him, he did not have any victory success and he has a short life, they as him to stay strongly with if a and go to igbodu, so that he can be save, he did and all his good thing comes back to him.

Ifa please don’t kill me, you should uplift me. Ifa say you should be careful in making Ifa interpretation, so that you will not course yourself Ifa says he is the Orisa meant for men.

My fellows form all above explanation and many Ifa verse will have learn, it doesn’t tell us that woman should go to Odu groove. Can they till me who first make initiation to woman

Who first make initiation? Women can have Ifa, or one hands, making Sode. Orisa initiation, but forbidden for Ifa initiation don’t forget that the liar will not die in the bag of the truth

The path into the light seems dark

The path forward seems to go back

The direct path seems long,

True power seems weak

True purity seems tarnished

True stead fastness seems unchangeable

True clarity seems obscure,

The greatest art seems unsophisticated,

The greatest love seems indifferent

The greatest wisdom seems childish

My people all the elders in Ode Remo were against this initiation for women because its forbidden in Ode Remo all the Oba’s Alaye Ode, Eleposo, Nloku of Iraye and others did not support. Don’t let anyone fraud you or just take your money for nothing.

Enough is ok for the wise.
Aboru aboye abosise nile Ifa o.