Ceremony «Mark of Freedom» by Awo Fafemi Fatalabi

Many people fondly assume that receiving of Itelodu (Ifa initiation) is enough and gives you the right to give initiation for other people and work with clients. But its not true. Many years will pass before you will be able to function as a real Ifa Priest. Because Itelodu do not give you the right to divine with ikin. And if somebody is doing it than there will be many troubles in this persons life. Only the ceremony «Mark of Freedom» gives the power to the Priest to work with clients without any harm for the clients and the Priest himself. This ceremony «Mark of Freedom» gives you not only the spiritual power that is given by Chief Adesanye Awoyade Araba Ifa  Ode Remo, but also shows how good you are in the Ifa Divining.

Araba Ode Remo

Araba Ode Remo

«Mark of Freedom» is the ceremony for those who passed a good training and knows Ifa practice well.  The person that is receiving the «Mark of Freedom» must demonstrate to the Chief Adesanye Awoyade Araba Ifa Ode Remo and Elder Babalawos the process of Ifa divination from the beginning till the end. This process include invocations, motet (orins), understanding of Odu, determination of Odu orientation, skills of working with Ibo and how to make Ebo or Adimu etc.  Thats why as we live «in the world where quantity is more important than quality» now it very important to do next. You must ask the people that promised you to make a proper Ifa divination for you or give Sefa or Sode initiations or prepare Sigidi or Esu for you, about  the proof (only video) that he/she passed «Mark of Freedom» ceremony at the Arabas house (Chief Adesanye Awoyade Araba Ifa Ode Remo). There no other Araba in Ode Remo. The only Araba of Ode Remo is Chief Adesanye Awoyade and he is the Leader of all Babalawos.
I want to conclude this article with the interview with one Babalawo from Ode Remo
(you can find the video version of this interview on our website www.yorubaorganization.ru)

  • — Is it possible for an Ifa Priest that is not Oluwo to work with the clients or give initiations to people without passing the «Mark of Freedom» ceremony?
    — No, its not right and no good. This ceremony is very important for an Ifa Priest before he starts to work with ikin Ifa. This ceremony means that the Ifa Priest learned well for many years and now he is receiving freedom (right) to work on his own. That’s how it is. When you are still learning from your Teacher (Oluwo), you don’t have enough spiritual power (ase) for effective work with other people (clients). That why everything that you will do for the clients wont be effective. If you hadn’t pass through special rituals and making something for other people, than you are making Taboo. It is Taboo. And good Ifa Priest knows that this ceremony is very important for his own safety and safety of his family and entire community (Ile, Egbe).

Ifa Gba Wa O!